Feeling stuck? Make your time at home feel like a staycation

In the uncertainty of everything that is taking place around us, one thing we can try to help is our mental health and that of our family’s. Many of us are stuck at home now for an unknown period of time and those holidays we planned or were yet to plan seem out of reach.
But there are small things we can do to transform our space at home into what feels like a staycation. Think along the lines of a mini boutique hotel, where you can rejuvenate.

Here are a few tips on how to make your home feel like a staycation.
Good quality bed linen. White is the traditional choice for a reason, because it gives such a fresh and clean look. One that makes you want to take off those slippers and dive right in. Try Bedfolk for some beautiful and ethically made bedding.

Large, soft bath towels. The larger the better. Yes they take up too much room in the washing machine, but some gorgeous towels to wrap yourself up in after a good soak / shower are just what you need.

Home candles with scents that you love. Neroli + Ylang Ylang, Black Amber + Lavender, there are so many combinations and some will just hit the right note. These aren’t just for romantic evenings or covering up cooking smells from the kitchen. A scent can transport you through time and space, so safely leave a candle burning even in the day to give your home a new fragrance. Take a look at Cedar. for hand-poured soy wax candles.

Make use of lamps to create mood lighting. It’s all about highlighting parts of your home, be it the landing at the top of the stairs, parts of your bedroom or living room. Lamps are wonderful for creating a bit of drama.

Move around furniture or home accessories to create a change of scene. Simply rearranging the position of a table, chairs, adding a magazine to that coffee table, moving around some vases, can make a room feel different enough.

Take out those small travel toiletries you’ve been collecting forever and place them on your bathroom shelf to use daily. Even the scent of these toiletries can take you back to that memorable holiday you had and make you feel extra special.

Put on some luxurious loungewear. Yes we can help you with that one. A pair of cotton pyjamas can brighten your days whilst your lounging around your mini boutique hotel. Make this a staycation on your own terms.