Wow, this feels so surreal, writing the very first post for Luna & Noon; our own brand! Looking back on our journey of where it all began in late 2017, it’s crazy to think we are now ready to launch our own site. This day sits up quite high on the list of our best moments, alongside the usual ones you’ll find such as wedding days and the birthdays of our children.
I’ve worked in fashion for over 12 years for some big high street brands. I’ve seen and heard it all (not everything they say about the world of fashion is true, some but not all 😜). Launching L&N with B was the next natural transition for me. Having expertise in trends, style, and fabrics has enabled us to move our brand forward in a short space of time. That coupled with B’s natural creativity and tenacity for getting things closed (we’ve leaned on her background in banking and risk analysis many times throughout this process), we make the perfect pair. She’s the Thelma to my Louise.
If you’ve read our ‘About us’ post under ‘Stories’ you’ll know our story but for those of you who don’t, L&N is the outcome of our love of travelling. We’ve experienced bucket lists moments together; ranging from dancing on the beach at a full moon party in Thailand to seeing the sunset in the Arabian desert. This combined with our need to find pyjamas in gorgeous prints and comfortable fabrics that you can lounge in day and night, led to Luna & Noon being born.
Having 3 kids between us, 2 being boys (enough said); working in fast paced jobs whilst finding the time to work on this has been tricky, but every sleep lost night has been bloody worth it.
Launching L&N has been an absolute journey for us, a labour of love and one we hope you join us in taking.
We are so excited to share our journey with you through our blog and Instagram stories.
Thank you for choosing to lounge with us.
Relax you deserve it.