Oceans Organic Bamboo Hoodie


OCEANS | This sustainable oversized sweat has been designed in collaboration with Vex King as part of the Healing Elements collection, featuring his ‘Healing is the New High’ mantra. The buttery-soft organic bamboo & cotton fabric is perfect for lounging in. Once you wear this fabric, nothing else will compare, it’s that good!

Our oceans maintain our planetary seasons, they modulate global tempera- ture, absorbing much of the heat of the sun. At present, about 30% of the CO2 emitted by humans is absorbed by the oceans. The increase in CO2 absorption over the last few decades has resulted in warmer ocean temperatures and “ocean acidification”, causing the bleaching of coral reefs, which kills off entire eco-sys- tems that support as much as a quarter of all marine life. The warmer the oceans get, the less efficient it becomes at absorbing CO2, making it more difficult to slow down global warming.

The oceans are drowning in man-made plastics. From poorly managed waste (around 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean each year) to microplastic fibres from clothes. They cause countless marine animals and sea birds to die from ingestion and entanglement, not to mention having entered our own food chain and drinking water.

Steps we can take to maintain ocean health include reducing our carbon foot-print, stop the use of single-use plastic, avoid buying synthetic clothes such as polyester, avoid beauty products that contain microbeads often disguised under ‘polypropylene’ and ‘polyethylene’, and donating to planting and preserving of sea grass, kelp and mangroves.