Arctic Organic Bamboo Sweatshirt


ARCTIC | This sustainable oversized sweat has been designed in collaboration with Vex King as part of the Healing Elements collection, featuring his ‘Healing is the New High’ mantra. The buttery-soft organic bamboo & cotton fabric is perfect for lounging in. Once you wear this fabric, nothing else will compare, it’s that good!

The Arctic is warming at a worrying rate, twice the rate of the global average. Snow and ice reflect a high proportion of the sun’s energy into space. As the permafrost thaws, it has significant implications for global climate, not only from sea-level rise, but also the thawing process releases CO2 and methane to the atmosphere, which has the potential to cause even further warming.

If we do not significantly reduce carbon emissions the Arctic could be ice free in the summer by 2040. What happens to the ice sheets, glaciers and sea ice across the world impacts all of us, in the form of extreme weather patterns, flooding, drought, and threatens crop yields. The majority of the world’s major cities are coastal, and a 2°C increase in global average temperature could result in a 20-ft eventual sea-level rise, affecting more than 375 million people.

Actions we can take include reducing our carbon footprint by walking, cycling to places, voting for green policies that hold the biggest polluters in the world responsible for their actions. Use less electricity by switching to a renewable energy provider, save water and eat locally sourced organic produce.